The Taycan has Finally Been Revealed!

August 30th, 2019 by

The Porsche Taycan has finally been fully unveiled in all its glory, and by god is it a gorgeous looking vehicle. Combine that with Porsche’s take on electric performance, a new interior design, and charging times that try to match the speed of the vehicle itself and you have a fantastic new option from Porsche.

First of all, just take a look at this finally unveiled design that started as the Mission E, and now I would daresay is as defining in its style as the 2020 Porsche 992. From a style standpoint, the Taycan looks like what I’d expect a Panamera to look like in 30 years, or as if someone took a 992 and a Panamera and combined the two. Slim, sleek lines combined with longer front doors and shorter rear doors ensures the sport capabilities of the Taycan can’t be denied. Large wheels with a massive brakes are both for looks and performance, while the sloping front signature to Porsche is complimented by new, futuristic looking headlamps. Finally, towards the rear of the vehicle, check out those massive tail lamps, with extra lighting fitted directly onto the spoiler.

The new interior shots showcased recently mean that not only do Porsche drivers get more capability and control, but so do the passengers! The most noticeable changes from any other Porsche vehicle currently available is increased length of the center console touchscreen infotainment beneath the console mounted infotainment screen, and the addition of a passenger infotainment control area. Talk about screens for days. From what I’ve heard, the passenger side screen should have available entertainment features specific to that area of the vehicle, including watching movies! Other additions include a potentially central mounted starter, and neon lit (blue for electricity it seems) cup holders.

But the most important piece is that the new Taycan, likely the Turbo S variant, has a mode where the vehicle will reach over 700 horsepower. What this translates to is 0-60 in just roughly 2.6 seconds, or blisteringly fast. The vehicle is still exceptionally heavy, leaning more towards it’s Panamera roots and size due to the weight of the battery, but incredible acceleration and top speeds of 150 miles per hour mean no driver will miss the Porsche experience in this car.

Now for those who will miss it, we just need to find out how we can get Porsche engine noises, and maybe have them swappable; one day I’ve got a 918 Spyder engine, then the next I’m listening to 1977 911 S. But let us know your thoughts on the new Taycan below!

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