The Latest Porsche Vehicle…an RV?

January 31st, 2020 by

I’ve written about a variety of products, produced by a variety of brands, throughout the blogs posted to both Porsche of Wichita and many other websites. Those products included Porsche washing machines and Lexus yachts, Audi foosball tables, and even hookahs from Bugatti (okay, I haven’t written about this one since Bugatti isn’t a Walser brand, but it’s so weird I had to mention it). But Porsche has once again decided to try something new that, I can’t say most Porsche drivers would look to own, but I know I wouldn’t mind spending a weekend trying out.

Porsche has produced a $2,000,000 RV with a third party company Newell Coach. Named the 2020 Newell Coach p50 build number 1675, this RV is the fruits of the labor of Newell Coach and Porsche Design. Coach has actually been building vehicles for 50 years, and the p50 is actually the celebration of their 50th anniversary, which was customer designed and engineered for their customer per the president of Newell Coach.

This Porsche Design vehicle includes a wide assortment of living amenities, including a bedroom, kitchen, and living area with three additional beds to ensure all guests are accommodated. Meanwhile, an abundance of wooden floors, furniture, and quartz countertops plus a full-size shower with stone walls make no compromise for luxuriousness. Even the bedroom includes what is described as a “junior king-size bed” with nightstands on both sides of the bed and a 55-inch wall-mounted TV.

This RV manages to be everything one would expect form Porsche, brought to life in a vehicle much larger than any Porsche. Let us know what you think of this incredible RV in the comments below!

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