Porsche Personalization has Reached New Levels!

February 29th, 2020 by

The new 992 has been quite the hit, with a wide range of customization options and that include everything from wildly modern to classic throwback options from select interior patterns to wood. But now Porsche has offered the most customizable customization that has ever existed, and the most personalized; a print of your fingerprint on your new 911.

A closer look at the results of Porsche's new direct printing technology.

You might be thinking to yourself, it’d be pretty cool to have your own fingerprint located somewhere subtle such as on the door handles, or in the interior of the vehicle. But no, Porsche has gone big with this option: the full print will be located atop the hood, and decorated by the Porsche badge. And as shown by the picture here, it’s an extremely high quality print, something Porsche is really excited about.

To be honest, I partially believe this is about Porsche showing off their newest development, a direct printing method that allows for high quality designs to be printed directly onto vehicles, and have started with an image that would require that exacting process to showcase. Eventually, other customer-specific designs will be printable by Porsche, but currently this $8000 option is only available for fingerprints.

porsche to print giant fingerprints of customers on the hood 911 sport cars


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