Electrification of the Macan

February 27th, 2019 by

Porsche has been on a roll with electric vehicles, showcasing everything from their newest EV the Taycan to rumors that the next generation of 911 will be available as a hybrid model, due to some of the modifications to the transmission (read about it here). But apparently that’s not enough for Porsche; just a few days ago, Porsche confirmed that the next generation of Macan available will be fully electric.

With stipulations in Europe ensuring automotive manufacturers must embraces electric vehicles, all new vehicle sales in Europe are expected to be electric by 2035. This means that, even for automobile manufacturers located stateside, their vehicles must be electric for the European region. Porsche has embraced this wholeheartedly, with the Taycan, hybrid 911 to prepare for electrification, and now the Macan. These next generation Macan’s will be based on the same architecture as the Taycan, called Porsche’s Premium Platform Electric, or PPE for short. Developed in conjunction with Audi’s electric system, the electric generation of Macan’s will go into production early next decade, and will be manufactured at the current assembly plant for Macan’s in Leipzig, Germany.

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A statement from Porsche Chairman Oliver Blume confirms Porsche’s commitment to electrification, while reassuring that petrol and performance will still remain within their design ideals: “By 2022 we will be investing more than six billion euros ($6.82 million) in electric mobility, and by 2025 50 percent of all new Porsche vehicles could have an electric drive system. Nevertheless, over the next ten years we will focus on a drive mix consisting of even further optimized petrol engines, plug-in hybrid models, and purely electrically operated sports cars.”

At this time, we only have the Taycan and two hybrid models in production, the Panamera and Cayanne, from Porsche to give us an idea of where this road will take Porsche consumers. However, taking a look at the sweet, sweet performance and ingenuity developed in the 918 Spyder, which used a combination of both electric and petrol engines to create a true masterpiece, I myself am not worried about the future of Porsche performance. To prove it to you, check out one of my favorite videos from Hammond on Top Gear!

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